About Us

About Us

business-meetingKGV is a highly motivated and passionate professional Global Procurement Consulting company that involves in procurement project worldwide with register number 164100 in Iran. We help to connect international buyers with the best and reliable sellers from all around the world.

We are NOT an agent or broker as we highly encourage direct negotiations between supplier and buyer. As a consultant, we would not charge the sellers beforehand for our services. We’ll simply receive our consulting fee – a percentage of the value of the order – after the deal is completed and after the seller has received payment himself. That is why RELIABILITY of suppliers and buyers is our main objective as we want to deliver the best for our clients.

KGV is welcoming new strategic and information alliances with suppliers and buyers globally. We are dedicated to your success. Help us to help you make your vision a reality.

Why Us

We are a professional, highly motivated, and passionate company that will help you to success.

We are NOT an agent. By doing direct negotiation you can reduce cost by removing many steps and cost compare when you make a negotiation trough an agent or broker.

You are able to win sales in a foreign market without having to take on any new staff or undertake to commit any more of your valuable time and resources to the sales campaign.

We help you to find RELIABLE suppliers or buyers. We will “skim the scum” and provide you with the best suppliers and buyers.

We are paid by the result. Use us. If you did not satisfied, you will not be charge, and we can provide to you with another suppliers or buyers that will meet your requirement.